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Ron Green

Ron started his musician’s journey at a very young age in the clubs of Waco, Texas. He was just a kid, but his gift and talent on the bass would land him in places where he’d perform with people far his senior. Even in high school, his instrument of choice with the marching band was Tuba; another reason he was dubbed “the bass man” for many years.

As a young teen, Ron had one major goal. “I wanted to get out of Waco and move to L.A. so that I could pursue a career in music.” And that’s exactly what he did. Shortly after graduating from high school, he’d worked long enough to earn the money for his one-way ticket to Los Angeles. He made his move, enrolled in college to major in music, and the rest is history.


No Regrets!

Following his move to Los Angeles, Ron gained the opportunity to play with many groups and some of the best musicians around, including a tour in Japan. He also enjoyed studio work which gave him even more experience, including some recording skills that he still uses to this day. For a while, playing music was his sole livelihood, and that’s exactly the way he planned it.

For the Love of God and Music

Ron has satisfied many of his dreams and goals. He took several years away from “gigging” to devote himself to music ministry, a life purpose that was connected to his heart for God.

Now back in Texas, Ron has come full circle. His mission is to keep putting smiles on people’s faces with his smooth, milky style. He still enjoys gigging around town with local bands of all genres, with the same simple goal of spreading the joy of music everywhere he goes.

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